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At Tanzquotient, you get to work together with students from various backgrounds that share your passion for dancing. You gain experiences for life that are not taught in lecture halls. This is the ideal place to learn new skills at leading, organizing, designing, networking or programming. We are all part of the same team and support each other wherever it is needed. This is an opportunity to grow - and Tanzquotient will grow with you. And last but not least, depending on your commitment, you can benefit every once in a while from a free dance course or event entry :)

Find the right fit...

We offer a wide variety of ways to get involved. Check out the following pages to find more information. a sporadic helper

Without a number of sporadic helpers for events and smaller tasks, we could not offer many of our services. Of course, our event helpers get free entry! Starting off as a helper is ideal to get to know the behind-the-scenes of Tanzquotient.  If you feel like investing more (regularly), consider getting involved ...

... as team member

Our team members take over a variety of tasks with different degrees of regularity and responsibility. As a part of the team you work together with a board member on specific projects. You can also bring in your own ideas and we will do our best to support you making it happen. As a thank you we generally offer you one dance course per quartal for free. If you would like to take over responsibility of a whole team or ressort, ask as about joining Tanzquotient...

... as board member

Not only the specific ressort are now of interest, but the whole commission.Together with the rest of the board, you are involved in the decision-making process and can actively shape the future of Tanzquotient. You get insight in how a dance school operates, how events are managed, how financing is done, how VSETH works and have a chance to practice leadership. For board members, all courses are free. Please contact a current board member or the Tanzquotient president for further information.