Dance administration

Tanzquotient offers more than 200 dance courses and workshops per year. The dance administration is responsible for the planning and implementation of dance courses and workshops.

Tasks include:

  • Coordination with teachers
  • Handling course registrations and communication with dance students


Head of dance administration

The head of dance administration is a board member and is in close contact with the many teachers and the team members.

Course administration

The matchmaker. This task is all about dance students. Matching single subscriptions, accepting course registrations and communicating with students is a challenging and intense task, in particular at the beginning of each course period four times a year.

Teacher coordination

The teacher coordinators are responsible for a sub-group of dance teachers. They collect information required by the dance administration, organize regular teacher meetings and periodically rethink the teaching concept of their particular field of dance. Ideally, the teacher coordinator has some experiences in teaching, but this is not required.