The event management is responsible for the organisation and realisation of small and large events.


  • Planning of the event
  • Create concept
  • Create budget (coordinate with finances) 
  • Search for rooms (for ETH/UZH rooms coordinate with actuary)
  • Organization of decoration, snacks and drinks
  • If necessary, organization of participants (dancers, musicians, ...)
  • Advertising (discuss with Marketing & Communication)
  • Search for helpers for cash desk, bar, photography, ...
  • Realization of the event
  • Coordination of helpers
  • Support in case of possible problems
  • Follow-up of the event
  • Evaluation (finances, number of admissions, bar sales, ...)

This resort is suitable for those who want to gain experience in project management. A well-organized approach, early and forward planning, good resilience and creativity are key to successful project implementation. Good and open communication is required during the planning together with the whole board and when dealing with helpers and guests.

The time required is strongly dependent on the number of events carried out. As a rule, there is at most one larger and 2-3 smaller events per semester. Shortly before and after the event, the time required is high, between events it is kept within limits.


Team leader

The team leader of Events is at the same time board member, is responsible for all projects and ensures the contact between team and board.

Event planning

Do you have an interest in organizing and planning events? Here, you can try it out for a smaller or larger event. There are many fields to cover: decoration, advertisement, planning of beverages, coordination of helpers, finding sponsors and many more.

You can take over fully one of our regular events: Freies Tanzen in general, Halloween or Christmas dancing, Salsa evenings at PappperlaPub or Chalet Latino.

Or, if you have your own event idea, we are more than happy to help you realize it within Tanzquotient.


For our legendary Freies Tanzen on Monday evenings we are always looking for DJs. You like dance music and would like to share it with your fellow dancers? Try it out on one of our events! We are also happy to help you create a good music mix.

Regular DJs typically put on music 2-3 times per semester.

Helper at events

While sporadic helpers are great to have, it is invaluable to have helpers, that regularly help at events. Without the reliable help of volunteers at the entrance, at the bar, for setting up and cleaning, we could never offer all the events that we currently do.