This resort is responsible for the control of the financial flows in the Tanzquotient. This includes supporting the president in writing the annual budget and being the contact person for VSETH in financial matters. Additionally, you will support the board with the preparation of event budgets, expense budgets and the payment of bills. 


  • Support annual budget preparation.
  • Communication with VSETH's finance offices: FinA, SpEA and VSETH bursar's office
  • Preparation of expense budget requests
  • Forwarding invoices to VSETH
  • Preparing budgets for events, meetings, etc.
  • Accounting of teachers' salaries per quarter, or complete accounting per semester
  • Control course payments, send payment reminders, etc.
  • Communication of dance students/teachers in financial matters 

The job of is a challenging one that requires accuracy and dependability. It provides insight into accounting and bookkeeping, of a mid-sized company (VSETH); no prior experience is expected. Proactive communication with the various offices of VSETH and with the team will allow the board the necessary financial freedom of action. 

Constant activity and reliable availability is required, while sporadic heavy workloads are rare. One hour per week is usually sufficient, an increased workload occurs towards the end of each semester. A term of more than one year is recommended, as routine and experience simplify many things.