• Coordination of the IT team
  • Provide IT support to board members, team members, teachers and students
  • Maintain and improve the website
  • Together with actuary: manage file storage (e.g., Google Drive) and Wiki
  • Working together with the VSETH IT team
    • User management
    • Email accounts
    • File storage
    • Deployment of our website
    • Requesting additional services
    • Attending IT related VSETH meetings (e.g. Tech Board, User Board)

Useful Skills

  • Experience with software development and managing a small team
  • Python and Django knowledge
  • Broad knowledge of various software and infrastructure tools
  • Ability to work independently

Time commitment depends on the type and scope of projects approached. Website maintenance and support typically require less than two hours per month.


Team leader

Coordinate the IT team and represent the IT team as board member.


Everything related to Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, in accordance with VSETH

Front end development

Web design and implementation with HTML and Bootsrap. 

Back end development

Focus on data processing and business logic. Currently using Python (Django) and PostgreSQL. Maintenance of existing modules, development of new features. 


Request IT services from VSETH. E.g. email accounts, permissions. Assist team and board with IT issues. Attend VSETH meetings (Teachboard / Userboard).