Marketing and Communication

Represent Tanzquotient through our online channels, external communication and the design of online and print media.


  • Managing the Facebook page (creating and promoting events, communicating important information such as course openings, responding to messages),
  • Writing the TQ newsletter (circa 6 per year),
  • Writing articles for the VSETH newsletter and Polykum.
  • Answering or forwarding emails,
  • Online and print media
    • Design of posters, flyers, on-screen advertising (e.g. ETH-Link) and other advertising material
    • Responsible for posting/distributing the same
    • Ensures a consistent image of the Tanzquotient to the outside world, in consultation with IT this also includes the Internet presence
  • Consider new marketing strategies and improve old strategies
  • Social media pages and messages should be checked regularly (once a day) and responded to promptly.

For marketing and especially for media design, someone is needed who enjoys graphic design and who cares about a professional but still approachable appearance of Tanzquotient to the outside world. The amount of work involved should not be underestimated.

At the beginning of the course periods (four times per year), many mails and messages are sent, otherwise there are only a few per week. In addition, the should be written in irregular intervals. 


Team leader

Generally, there are two team leaders - one for marketing and one for communication - who are board members.

Print Medien Design

Design posters, flyers and, occasionally, merchandise, for events and advertisement.

Social Media Manager

Maintain our Social Media Accounts (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp,...). 


Write newsletters and articles about the activities of Tanzquotient.

Web Designer

Rethink the design of our website.