The President of the TQ is elected by the VSETH, the term of office is usually at least one year. His or her task is to represent the Commission towards VSETH and externally. He or she maintains an overview of the current activities of the Commission, chairs the meetings and, together with the entire board, determines the budget and annual planning. The President is responsible for the activities of the TQ and justifies them to VSETH and the student body.



Generally, a current board member is voted in as president. It helps to know the Commission and the structures of VSETH. Being president is a great challenge for people who would like to learn leading a dynamic team. For this, a transparent style and open communication is essential. Another major task of the president is to represent Tanzquotient. Hence, the president is always in contact with the VSETH board and other external partners.

The time commitment is highly dependent on individual initiative. Constant activity and reliable availability is required, while selective high workloads are rare. 


  • Prepare, convene and chair meetings
  • Follow up on meetings, keep track of pending items, send minutes to VSETH
  • Write the annual report and submit it to the VSETH (at the beginning of each year)
  • Preparation of the annual plan with the help of the entire board (each summer)
  • Budget preparation and submission (each summer) with the help of the finance resort and board
  • Representation of the Tanzquotient at the VSETH general assemblies
  • Representation of the Tanzquotient to the outside
  • Networking within the commissions, within the universities and within the dance scene, especially with cooperation partners
  • Reviewing and signing contracts

Vice president

The vice president is a board member and is typically also responsible for another department. If the president for one or another reason cannot fulfill his or her duties, the vice president steps in.


  • Support of the President
  • Representation of the president in case of absence
  • Reviewing and signing contracts