The actuary is responsible for room administration, as well as various internal matters.


  • Keeping a list of the board members and sending it to the VSETH in case of a change.
  • Contact with the various organizational bodies for room reservations and events (ETH, UZH, Mensen, ASVZ, etc.).
  • Search for new rooms for courses and events
  • Administration of keys (for dance classes and for the TQ office)
  • Supporting the dance administration in preparing the course schedule and in case of short-term changes in room availability
  • Assist dance instructors with difficulties with space
  • Office and basement of the dance quotient
  • In conjunction with IT: manage file storage (e.g. Google Drive) and Wiki

The actuary is suitable for those who enjoy communicating and maintaining a large network. Quick and solution-oriented responses are required to minimize disruption to course offerings when changes occur on short notice. A term of office of more than one year is recommended, as routine and experience simplify many things.

The time required is especially high at the beginning of the semester to organize the rooms (clarify room availability, reserve rooms, support dance teachers), in between the effort is rather low.


Actuary team leader

The main task of the actuary role is to make sure we have rooms for dance classes each semester.

The responsible for the Actuary has contact with all the offices for our rooms. Every semester dates and times have to be agreed. If a room is unavailable at short notice, it is the actuary's job to find a solution. Working closely together with dance administration, the actuary makes the curriculum possible. Smaller other tasks include the archive, keys and management of the office.

Room scout

Dance courses can only take place, when we find suitable rooms at the universities in Z├╝rich. Help us find them and make first contact with the responsible offices for room reservations.

Key manager

Keep track on who possesses which key - board members and dance teachers alike.

Office responsible

Keep track on what is in our office and in the cellar, order supplies.