Teaching at Tanzquotient

If you already know how to dance and want to share your knowledge and passion, you can join our teacher's team.

You would typically be teaching one evening per week during the semester and will of course earn some money (30 CHF per hour). If you are interested, send an email to tanzen@tanzquotient.org and introduce yourself.

Budget for Education/Training

We have a budget for teachers who want to take courses or workshops. You can apply to get a contribution to your expenses for anything that will benefit you in your role as a teacher at Tanzquotient. Just send an email to tanzen@tanzquotient.org. The board of Tanzquotient will collectively decide on your requests twice a year: on April 1st, and October 1st. Make sure to send your request on time!

Resources for Teachers

Tanzquotient Google Drive

Course Concept for Social Courses

Social 1 - 6

Ball Crash Courses