Open Dancing


DJ Tasks & Responsibilities

TLDR: As a DJ, you are responsible for Open Dancing and the minor logistics that come with it for that evening.

  1. Getting keys 🔑
    1. During the semester there may already be a dance class beforehand. In that case you need to do nothing.
    2. Otherwise, you need to pick up the keys at the ISC HG desk.
    3. ISC knows about us, just tell them that you are from TQ and would like to borrow the keys for Alumnipavillon.
    4. ISC is open until 17:00 =>  Make a calendar reminder! (smile)
  2. Play music! 🎶
    1. Create a playlist.
      1. See below for a recommended order of dances.
      2. See Playlists for inspiration.
      3. Optional: Provide a printed list of songs and the corresponding dances - it is always greatly appreciated by the dancers (wink)
      4. If your playlist is public, please consider sending it to, so we can include it into our collection.
    2. If you want, you can use our Spotify Premium account to play music. Just contact
    3. Bring your own device.
    4. The Alumnipavillon has a multimedia station with multiple ways to connect:
      1. Use an AUX cable:
        1. The big black-ish container has a built-in drawer that contains many cables - pick the AUX cable.
        2. Connect the AUX cable to your device and to the AUX input of the smaller, white box (AUX input is grouped together with VGA)
        3. Use the sound-system tablet to turn on the entire thing
        4. Once the system is up and running: Use the sound-system tablet and click on Room > Devices. Select VGA as input.
        5. Note. There is a volume knob on the large black-ish container (right-most knob). You may need to turn it up to max.
      2. Use HDMI:
        1. Same steps as for AUX, just replace AUX/VGA with HDMI in the description above.
        2. On the tablet: Click "Mute Screen" if you want to turn off the projector.
      3. Use the wireless system:
        1. Download the Solstice App for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android: 
        2. Turn on the system using the sound-system tablet. Be sure to also turn on the projector.
        3. Open the Solstice App on your device and follow the instructions in the app. The room number and PIN code are displayed on the projector screen.
        4. If you do not want to share your screen, click "Mute Screen" on the sound-system tablet
  3. Fans 💨
    1. There are fans/ventilators in one of the cupboards. If it is hot in summer, consider setting them up.
  4. Close the windows at 10pm. 🪟 💤
    1. Nachtruhe. People live close by, they want to sleep.
  5. At the end 🏁
    1. Make sure the room is left precisely as described on the panel next to the entrance:
    2. If someone forgot some items (e.g. dance shoes), bring them to the ISC HG - there's the official ETH Lost & Found.
    3. Turn off the lights. 💡
    4. Lock the door.
  6. Returning keys 🔑
    1. Return the keys on Tuesday to ISC HG. – Otherwise they might get mad at TQ.
    2. If you have access to HG with your Legi, you can also drop the key in the box right next to the ISC desk on Monday night.

DJ Benefits

  1. Get to attend the TQ helpers dinner!
  2. One voucher for a free class!
    1. Max 1 voucher per semester.
    2. Prerequisite: be DJ at at least 2 evenings that semester.
    3. Contact to get your voucher.

Common Order of Dances

We recommend that DJs stick to the following order of dances. It's a guideline, not the law. (wink)

The Standard and Latin blocks are in the same order as in a competition. Everything else is mixed around these two blocks.
You can start with any block (i.e. Salsa & Bachata does not need to be the first block).

  • Salsa & Bachata Block
    • Salsa
    • Bachata
  • Standard Block
    • English Waltz
    • English Tango (every other block)
    • Viennese Waltz
    • Slow Fox (once or twice per evening)
    • Quickstep
  • Popular Dances Block
    • Disco Fox
    • Lindy Hop (occasionally)
  • Optional: Additional Salsa & Bachata Block
    • Salsa
    • Bachata
  • Latin Block
    • Samba (every other block)
    • Cha Cha Cha
    • Rumba
    • Paso Doble (we usually never play it, since nobody knows it)
    • Jive

  • Special Dances Block

    • Tango Argentino (a few times per evening)

    • Kizomba (maybe once or twice per evening)

    • Zouk (maybe once or twice per evening)